Nick Fraser is a techno musician and DJ who hails from New York. He is the founder of the label Lunar Covenant Recordings. Being a bit of a perfectionist, he controls every aesthetic of his music, performances, and record label. All of his and the record label's art is abstract film photography he shoots and processes himself. He often employs light shows and decor that he has personally designed and often personally built. "I guess I'm a bit of a control freak in that regard. I want everything to be a certain way, to give a very specific feeling. It's easier for me to just make it happen myself because I don't need to try to explain it to anyone. I can just do it. That way its just me and the people on the floor with nothing in between us."

His productions and remixes rely heavily on analog synthesizers and drum machines drenched in reverb, echo and shadow. His music has been described as dark, hypnotic and otherworldly. "I like the idea of people completely losing themselves; getting to another place even. Those are the best experiences I've had in music and art so it's very much something I try to create with my work."


Mr. Fraser's DJ sets and live performances in the Brooklyn underground rave scene and nightclubs have gained attention and praise from fans and artists alike. He quickly became one of the most sought after artists in the New York late night community. 


His remix ability has also raised eyebrows, earning him a winning spot in the Boysnoize Records remix contest for "Cerebral" - Boys Noize and PILO.


In 2016, The Lunar Podcast was launched which features an hour the latest and greatest in techno every full moon. "The idea with the podcast is to give people a sense of what was released in the past lunar cycle that's really pushing the genre forward. It was really a challenge at first but after lots and lots of searching, it gets easier and easier. I like to think people who share my tastes could tune in and use the podcasts as a way to discover new music and record labels that they'll also love"


Mr. Fraser is the founder of Lunar Covenant Recordings which releases techno and dark-ambient music from like minded artists worldwide. Visit for more.